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Are you an expecting mother and/or the parent of one or more keiki aged zero to three? The free Child & Family Service Mālama Ola program in Waimānalo is designed to partner with parents and expecting parents to give their keiki a strong, healthy start to life. Mālama Ola means “to support the family” and is based on the nationally accredited home visiting program, Heathy Families America. The goal of the program is to help parents heal from childhood trauma to ultimately break the cycle of intergenerational trauma.

Families receive free and voluntary home visiting support services from highly trained staff.


An initial intake interview with a family support worker will identify and understand family needs and strengths.

  • Prenatal support for mothers
  • Weekly supportive home visits with a well-trained family support worker
  • Assistance in obtaining everyday needs; e.g. food, diapers, hygiene items, transportation
  • Support in establishing harmonious family relationships and a strong bond with baby
  • Individual or group counselling services
  • Child development activities to support learning and fine motor skills
  • Group activities centered around new parenting skills
  • Referrals to transitional services for needs such as housing and employment

Services are free.
Pregnant women and families with children 0-3 are eligible.
Translator services are available.

“I first met my CFS parent educator when my family was homeless. They helped provide for so many things for my child and gave me resources to use to get on my feet. We found a house through a transitional living program. After that, we found a more permanent place to live. Today, my family is less stressed, my child is doing great, and we are doing so well.” – A Mālama OIa program participant

Read more about “Kawika’s” story here.


Participating parents/families will establish goals as well as a plan to reach them in partnership with their family support worker. Weekly meetings as possible for in-home visits are designed to support families in providing a nurturing home environment for themselves and their children. Upon completion, the family will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the 5 Protective Factors (parent resilience, social connections, concrete support for parents in times of need, knowledge of parenting and child development, and social and emotional competence in children) as the foundation of strengthening families to allow keiki to thrive in a safe and nurturing environment.

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The Department of Health provides access to its programs and activities without regard to race, color, national origin/ancestry-including language, age, sex-including gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, color, religion, or disability.

Write or call the Hawaii State Department of Health, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Division at 3627 Kilauea Avenue, Room 101 Honolulu, Hawaii 96816 or at (808) 733-9333. Or write or call the Affirmative Action Office at P.O. Box 3378, Honolulu, HI 96801-3378 or at (808) 586-4614 (voice/TRS) or 586-4648 (TDD) within 180 days of a problem.

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