Stronger Families Fund®


Why Stronger Families Fund®

Government funding supports the “bare bones basics” of our work . . .
Over eighty percent of Child & Family Service’s budget is Government funding helps support the “bare bones basics” of our work. CFS leadership developed an innovative fundraising initiative as a means of providing funding beyond the prescriptive limitations of our government contracts

It is the support of private donors – especially steadfast supporters of the past 5, 10, 20, 30-plus years, that allow us to work beyond the prescriptive limitations of government contracts This Fund provides CFS with financial stability to support our mission regardless of the unpredictable nature of government funding.

In May of 2014 Child & Family Service (CFS) launched The Stronger Families Fund®, an innovative fundraising initiative designed to provide our organization with a reliable source of private funds. Through generous donations from steadfast individuals, families, businesses, and community organizations, the Stronger Families Fund creates a flexible pool of funding that helps CFS to chart its own course, address pressing needs, and build on our successes through wise investments.

The Fund will help CFS to:

• Provide ground-breaking programs that meet the emerging needs of Hawai‘i’s communities.
• Ensure life changing services are available to our families and communities, today and for generations to come.
• Enhance the nearly 50 programs touching the lives of over 40,000 in our community annually.

“The Fund builds on one of the basic strengths of CFS – a committed group of supporters who come together to collectively achieve more than any of us could do individually.”

Rich Wacker, CFS Board of Directors Past Chair

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