Transition To Success®

“Imagine helping a family move from poverty, homelessness, and distress to educated, working, and thriving. Child & Family Service has found a model of care that does just this!”
~ Karen Tan, LCSW, CFS President & CEO

For three years, from 2016-2019, Child & Family Service (CFS) piloted Transition to Success® (TTS), an anti-poverty model of care, in our programs on the islands of Kaua‘i and Maui. TTS is a system of care that changes our understanding and response to poverty – treating poverty as a condition, NOT as a character flaw. As with any “condition,” improvements are possible given the right support and tools; TTS helps CFS staff identify a roadmap to success in each participant’s unique situation.

We deliberately measured the impact of TTS across 19 domains of self-sufficiency on a quarterly basis over the three-year pilot period. The data indicates that CFS has a clear and focused way to help move families in Hawai‘i out of poverty – by reviewing and assessing scorecard information that identifies progress we allow providers the flexibility to adapt to each participant’s needs. Data also shows that it is important to expand the TTS model across all CFS programs statewide, as well as the entire human service sector in Hawai‘i. TTS has proven to be scalable, sustainable, measurable, multi-generational, and transformational. 


Using the accepted 19 self-sufficiency domains, considered the determinants necessary to thrive independently, CFS staff partner with participants to assess their progress in each area on a scale of 1-5 (1 = crisis and 5 = empowered). When action is suggested by the assessment, staff works with the participant to identify barriers that are preventing success in that particular domain. Together, a map of their hopes and dreams is created and used to identify short-term and intermediate goals to help overcome recognized challenges. Once they have successfully moved past these barriers, they can focus on achieving their long-term goals.

TTS 19 Self-Sufficiency Assessment Domains

  1. Shelter/Housing
  2. Employment
  3. Income
  4. Food/Nutrition
  5. Childcare
  6. Children’s Education
  7. Adult Education
  8. Health Care
  9. Life Skills
  10. Family Relations/ Support Network
  11. Transportation/Mobility
  12. Community Involvement
  13. Parenting Skills
  14. Legal
  15. Mental Health
  16. Substance Abuse
  17. Safety
  18. Disability
  19. Financial Management

CFS Kaua‘i & Maui TTS Pilot Evaluation Results

From Fall 2016 to Winter 2019, CFS measured the 19 domains for 604 individuals participating in our programs. Data revealed incredible and positive changes in 16 of those domains. Most importantly, 10 of the 16 areas indicated statistically significant change, indicating that future participants who go through TTS can expect the same or similar results.

TTS® Demographics of 604 Individuals
(Kaua‘i = 454, Maui = 150)

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