Volunteer Opportunities

We appreciate your interest in volunteering at Child & Family Service.

Child & Family Service (CFS) is a complex organization which serves a wide variety of clients in a myriad of locations. Through an array of statewide programs serving 15,691* individuals and families (fiscal year 2023 – July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023) throughout Hawai‘i and touched an additional 110,000 lives through phone calls, referrals, educational presentations, and by providing for those visiting walk-in family centers. We serve the most vulnerable and troubled families in our community and go to great lengths to insure that they receive the high quality services that they deserve.

Child & Family Service has a long history of serving the community in Hawai‘i and was originally incorporated as a private nonprofit in 1899. We have two types of volunteers. Our Standards of Accreditation require us to comply with certain regulations regarding these volunteer types.

Regular and Ongoing Volunteers: Providing assistance with client services or ongoing administrative support to programs, handling confidential client information. FULL TIME = 10 hours a week or more for 4 consecutive weeks. PART TIME = 4 hours a week or more for 4 consecutive weeks

Short-Term/Event Volunteers: Providing assistance with fundraising events, short-term administrative support, and specific work projects.

All volunteers are required to participate in orientation and training sessions that relate to the programs that they will be working in before they become involved in program activities.

Please fill out the Volunteer Application, so that we will have an idea of your preference of volunteer work, types of clients or administrative support you would like to participate with and the days and hours of your availability. After we receive it, we will contact you to set up a time to meet with program staff and discuss your volunteer interests further.

For more information and additional requirements:

P: 808.681.1523
Email: humanresources@cfs-hawaii.org

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