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Risking Connection Trauma-Informed Care Services Training

Risking Connection provides a philosophy and method for working with clients who are survivors of abuse and trauma.

Working with trauma survivors offers unique challenges, and Risking Connection (RC) training gives every level of an organization the tools necessary to create and sustain a trauma-informed agency culture. ITE is uniquely qualified to help your organization by offering a Hawaii model of RC® training that honors Native Hawaiian values and integrates activities that honor all cultures that touch the lives of the people we help.

The Risking Connection Training Program offers organizations a pathway toward system-wide trauma-informed care and is based on the curriculum, Risking Connection: A Training Curriculum for Working with Survivors of Childhood Abuse (Saakvitne, Gamble, Pearlman, & Lev, 2000).

Risking Connection (RC) is an evidenced-informed foundational trauma training program for professionals working with trauma survivors. RC® provides a philosophy and framework for understanding extreme symptoms and behaviors, managing crises, addressing vicarious trauma, and achieving lasting healing.

Through use of RC training, organizations can create and sustain a trauma-informed agency culture. The RC Training Program uses a Train-the-Trainer model of dissemination whereby organizations can gain the capacity to do ongoing RC® training in their organization. 35 organizations in 10 US states and Canada are using RC® as a staff training model to implement trauma-informed care.

Sessions can range from a 3-hour overview to 16 hours of in-depth training. The ITE team is available for consultation to help evaluate what training program is best for your organization.


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