E Ala Hou



2970 Kele St. Suite 203
Lihue, HI 96766

What is E Ala Hou?

E Ala Hou was created to help mothers and pregnant women on Kaua‘i who need additional support or assistance with issues related to drug or alcohol use.

Our staff is motivated to help families and children, by providing a friendly, judgement-free and safe place for mothers to share, grow and learn from each other and themselves.

How can E Ala Hou help me?

We can provide you with:

  • A safe place to share, discuss and learn from other women in similar situations
  • Individual and group sessions to build new relationships and identify goals and dreams
  • A genuine, supportive and caring staff
  • Personalized assessment of treatment needs
  • Recommendations or referrals to additional programs or resources
  • Information about resources and activities in the community

Will I qualify?

  • Intended for mothers or expecting mothers
  • History of or current issues with substance abuse
  • A need for support in order to address issues resulting from the use of drugs and alcohol

Through participation in E Ala Hou, you or your loved one will be treated with respect and compassion. Our program consists of several available services and covers a variety of issues other than substance use.

What we provide:

  • Individualized assessment of your situation and values to determine treatment needs
  • Recommendations and referrals to other services and programs
  • Counseling in both individual and group settings
  • Child care and transportation available as needed
  • Information and education to increase life-satisfaction and progress towards personally identified goals

Our goals:

  • Support and encourage women who are making positive changes in their lives.
  • Provide treatment specifically for mothers in our community.
  • Assist in educating women about mental health needs, domestic violence issues, nutrition, wellbeing and child development.
  • Provide information, support and hope for mothers on the road of recovery.

For more information, assessments & referrals, contact:
Anna at 808.240.2840 (office) or 808.346.6460 (Mobile)

E Ala Hou is funded in part by: Department of Health Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division



The Department of Health provides access to its programs and activities without regard to race, color, national origin/ancestry-including language, age, sex-including gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, color, religion, or disability.

Write or call the Hawaii State Department of Health, 1250 Punchbowl Street, Room 216, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 or at (808) 586-4122 within 180 days. Or write or call the Affirmative Action Office at P.O. Box 3378, Honolulu, HI 96801-3378 or at (808) 586-4614 (voice/TRS) or 586-4648 (TDD) within 180 days of a problem.

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