Support, Healing, Education


Crisis Counseling:
Sexual assault victims and their families may require immediate crisis counseling for emotional support and to assist them in responding to this crisis.

Crisis Hotline
Emotional support available through our crisis hotline 24/7.
Maui: 808.873.8624
Moloka‘i: 808.495.3340
Lana‘i: 1.866.443.5702

Medical Exam
We offer emotional support during a specialized medical exam designed to collect forensic material, with or without a police report (Ideally the exam should be within 72 hours of the assault)



• Counseling for children & adults who have recently been sexually assaulted.
• Counseling for individuals who were sexually abused in the past including adults molested as children.
• Support and counseling for family members & partners.



• School presentations to all grade levels and special needs groups to increase protective and safety factors
• Community trainings for specific groups such as churches, police, teachers, etc.


Assistance is available to all victims and family members and is not dependent on reporting the incident to the police or ability to pay.

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