Keiki Kidnapping
Prevention Tips

Kidnappings can happen anywhere, even on our Islands. We would like to present you with tips for keeping your keiki safe:

1. Educate your children on stranger danger
2. Never talk to strangers
3. Do not purchase backpack or clothes with children’s names on them or ages. Strangers can use this information to lure your child
4. Do not allow your child to walk home alone from school or a park
5. Consistent and constant supervision always works best
6. Tell your child if the routine of coming home changes you (the parent) will let them know (i.e. uncle is picking you up versus dad)
7. When needing help, use words versus general screaming
8. Know when your children are supposed to be home. If they are late and you have not heard from them trying calling or going to where their last location was immediately
9. Develop a safety plan with your child

You can also visit the Prevent Child Abuse Hawaii website for more tips on ways to keep your child safe from abduction: click here.

You can also call the Parent Line, a free statewide confidential number for parenting questions and resources, if you have any questions: O’ahu – 526.1222 or Neighbor Islands – 1.800.816.1222.

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