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2017 Donor Newsletter V.1

Parenting with Hawaiian Values

If you’re a parent, you already know that raising a child is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding tasks to take on. That’s why it’s necessary to have a strong and supportive community around you. Thanks to your donations, parent participants of the CFS Community-Based Parenting Education program are able to receive all the education and knowledge they need.

The program is offered to everyone, and is completely free, thanks to donations from the community. Through comprehensive classes with evidence-based models, the program strengthens the nurturing relationship between parent and keiki by incorporating valuable Hawaiian beliefs of loina (tradition), ohana (family), lokahi (harmony) and aloha (love). The program also educates parents on where they can find and receive help through community resources.

Mary*, a program parent participant, says, “Community Based Parenting Education has helped me with parenting tips and how to have patience with children.” Another participant Kaeo says, “This free class is helping me so much. I could ask the CFS staff anything I wanted to know about parenting.”

“The families we serve in this program are passionate about engaging in class lessons and activities. They want to take the knowledge that they receive from the lessons and put it to use with their families to provide a healthier and safer home,” says Retchel Oyao, program coordinator. “We’re committed to preventing and ending child abuse and neglect. That all starts with building healthy communities and educating families about how to be supportive in their child’s development, which is what our program is all about.”

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