President & CEO's Message

2016 Donor Newsletter V.2

Relationships are at the Heart of Our Work

Howard Garval, MSW
President & CEO

Measuring effectiveness is a growing priority in the nonprofit world. At CFS we have embraced this concept, adapting three years ago a national model called Results Based Accountability™, or RBA, with scorecards that measure the results of our programs to strengthen families.

CFS is the leading nonprofit in Hawai‘i implementing RBA results measurement for our program services. Other nonprofits both in Hawai‘i and on the mainland are turning to CFS to help provide guidance for their efforts, and the response has been very gratifying.

Yet as much as we emphasize performance measures and data, nonprofits also run the risk of overbalancing and missing the human side of the work that we do. Those of us who are in the business of helping families cannot forget the linchpin that enables us to serve those in our community: that is, building trust and relationships with families.

Meeting our mission of strengthening families is still all about relationships. If we can’t engage families facing trauma in their lives, it won’t matter how good we are technically or clinically.

It still comes down to the human equation and connection.

I am reminded of young people whose lives have been changed through Hale O Ulu, an alternative education program at CFS, which provides youth a second chance not only to earn education credits but also to become successful in life. I attended graduation ceremonies for a young man named James. His mom was there and spoke of how she had given up on him and how thankful she was to Hale O Ulu for helping James to graduate. James added that he was proud to receive his diploma and to prove others wrong about him. Through an ongoing relationship of support without judgment, I am sure our staff members were equally proud of him.

Our professionals are drawn to the field because they fundamentally want to help others. Their ability to make the connection to those in need is at the heart of the work that we do, and the lives that are changed are the result.

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