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2016 Donor Newsletter V.2


When couples go through divorce, all too often the brunt of separation falls hard upon the children. Many of our Voluntary Case Management (VCM) calls, which deals mostly with moderate to moderately high-risk child abuse situations, were the result of parental conflict at home. “More and more referrals came from situations where parents were fighting, and the child was in the middle of it. But there was no education or classes for these families to turn to,” says Nicole Hokoana, Director of CFS Maui County Programs.

To address this need, we launched the Cooperative Parenting and Divorce Program: a psychoeducational, video-based program that explores the issues experienced by divorcing or divorced parents and their children.

Cooperative Parenting and Divorce consists of eight 2-hour weekly sessions facilitated by our trained parent educator. The goal of the program is to assist parents in shifting their roles from spouses to co-parents, and educate them on anger management, communication and conflict-resolution skills to help them be the best co-parent they can be while going through divorce. By teaching couples how conflict can affect their children, the program helps reduce the child’s stress and ultimately creates a more relaxed home atmosphere, ensures the child’s safety, and enhances the child’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

The program consists of small and large group discussions, skill development, role playing, application, and homework assignments. Parents work on communication and conflict resolution skills through simple activities – all in a supportive environment that puts their child’s best interests first.

Hokoana, a licensed marriage and family therapist and a co-parent herself, says she understands the challenges that come with raising a child after a divorce. “I’ve been co-parenting for 11 years, and I know how difficult it can be to put aside your differences.”

She says that many parents come to her after completing the program with success stories. “I’ve had a parent tell me that before he took the program, he was ‘that’ dad,” Hokoana says, “He was always yelling and badmouthing his wife, but since he took the class, he has seen changes in himself and in his kids. They’ve become a happier family because of our program.”

For more information, please contact the CFS Maui County Office: 808.877.6888

Mahalo to the Foundations supporting our Cooperative Parenting & Divorce Program from January to June 2016.
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