Moving From Poverty to Self-Sufficiency

2015 Donor Newsletter V.2


Child & Family Service is committed to helping individuals and families create meaningful change in their lives and helping them to sustain those changes on their own. That’s why CFS is piloting a nationally recognized program called Transition to Success™ (TTS™).

For many of those served by CFS, poverty is the biggest barrier to sustaining the positive life changes they begin to make while in our programs. TTS™ is designed to move individuals from poverty toward self-sufficiency, through a step-by-step process that first addresses individuals’ basic needs, and then helps them gain skills in literacy, education, and financial literacy. Work readiness skills are developed through volunteerism and then job placement.

Throughout this journey, caseworkers coordinate the services and care needed, collaborating with other community agencies and organizations, or “mission partners,” so that those served feel supported and can access a wide range of services available to them.

Karen Tan, CFS Vice President of Programs, shared that CFS caseworkers have been trained in TTS™ by Matrix Human Services, the nonprofit that developed TTS™ and has initiated pilot projects for the approach in Washington, D.C., Memphis, and Omaha.

“In Hawai‘i, the approach has been adapted to demonstrate appreciation for our unique island culture,” Tan said. “That includes ensuring that our programs are culturally relevant and meet the specific needs of Hawai‘i’s families.”

Tan noted that upon entry to CFS, individuals are given an initial assessment. They then work with a caseworker to develop a plan with clear goals that lead to self-sufficiency. She added that job training and employment are fundamental to moving those in poverty toward self-sufficiency. “These individuals must develop core skills so that they can support themselves financially.”

“A person may have an interest in a specific career, and we partner to provide volunteer experience in that area so they begin to build their resume for future employment.” By volunteering, they develop workplace readiness skills like discipline, confidence, and organization. As Tan says, through TTS™ families go from “being needy, to being needed.”

Mahalo to the Foundations supporting our programs from July to December 2015.
Transition to Success™
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