Program for Families Continues
Thanks to "The Fund"

2015 Donor Newsletter V.2

Based on true events as told by a CFS caseworker and a mom

We just spent months working to break down the emotional “walls” that come from years of abuse and fear. So it was particularly worrisome to have to tell the 12 moms, with 19 children among them, that the government contract that funds our program was ending and that we would no longer be able to help them. Ending a program at a time when these families were beginning to feel a sense of security and trust with CFS and with each other, seemed unfair and even cruel.

As a family caseworker, I sincerely believe we can help create true and lasting change in the lives of those we serve. Therefore, it felt counterintuitive to re-traumatize these families, especially when they finally found the courage to seek and accept our help. One mom would frequently say, “You saved my life”! How could we leave her now?

All of us were much relieved when we learned that CFS would use money donated through the Stronger Families Fund®* to keep the program open even through there would no longer be government funding.

Now these families who are struggling to heal from their deepest and most personal wounds can continue to heal from trauma, discover their personal strengths, and learn to reset the direction of their lives in healthy and strong ways through our CFS support program. I “speak” for my colleagues when I say that we are truly grateful to the donors of the Stronger Families Fund® for their incredible support of our work. You help us to strengthen families. Mahalo!

Anne Marie Rizzo, CFRE
Vice President of Philanthropy
By eMail or 808.543.8413

* The Stronger Families Fund® (The Fund) is an innovative fundraising initiative designed to provide CFS with a reliable source of private funds through the support of our most steadfast donors. Individuals, families, businesses, and community organizations help provide a flexible pool of funding that helps CFS to chart its own course, address pressing needs, and build on our successes through wise investments.

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