2015 V.2 Newsletter

Cover Story:

Holiday Gifts Provide Lifelong Family Memories & Tools For Independence

Each year during the holiday season, the CFS Kaua‘i Guild gathers together to raise funds earmarked for shopping and wrapping gifts for families who participate in CFS programs on Kaua‘i.

Last year, the Guild tried a new approach to helping families, by providing CFS counselors with an opportunity to teach parents how to budget and plan through the joy of purchasing gifts for their own child(ren). Instead of buying and wrapping the gifts, the Guild donated gift cards for use in Kaua‘i stores; the budget was $50 per child. With the guidance of CFS staff, parents used the cards to shop for presents their families would enjoy. Before the holidays ended, the Guild received a special gift of their own — one of many heartwarming stories of families coming together in the most meaningful ways.

As told by Novelyn Hinazumi, Director of CFS Programs on Kaua‘i, “The parents of one of our families thought carefully about how they would spend the generous gift cards. Wanting to create lasting memories for their family, they decided on purchasing fishing poles for each family member, along with nets, supplies, and buckets. Not only did the parents experience the joy of purchasing and presenting the gift, but they also remarked that it made their family much stronger and they continue fishing together to this day.”

This holiday season, the CFS Kaua‘i Guild will once again help families create lasting memories. To make a donation for gift cards for any island this holiday season, please contact Melissa Franklin at 808.543.8413.

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