Collaboration & Partnerships Drive Maui Services

2015 Donor Newsletter V.1


Pictured (L-R): Ho‘oikaika Partnership and MSART team members and representatives with Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa (center, with lei)

Recognized as one of the essential providers of victim-centered services on the island of Maui, Child & Family Service offers a full range of clinical services to support victims of trauma. These services include domestic violence support groups, childcare, and meals to support participants of the child, youth, and adult survivor groups.

Community partnerships are essential in maintaining the quality of these services and continuing to reach those who need them most. MSART, or the Maui Sexual Assault Response Team, is one example of a valued community partner. MSART’s mission is to act as first responders and provide coordinated, victim-centered services to adult sexual assault victims.

CFS is also a core member of the Ho‘oikaika Partnership, a Maui County coalition aimed at preventing and reducing child abuse and neglect. The Partnership utilizes two certified trainers who are tasked with providing Maui County agencies with training in the Protective Factors Program.

Nicole Hokoana, CFS Director of Maui County Programs, says that CFS values the ability to offer a unique full-service approach to helping families deal with issues of abuse and neglect. “We are focused on the idea of ‘Connecting the Dots.’ With a depth and breadth of family-strengthening services, we can provide multiple and coordinated services to aid family members in addressing the trauma that each may face, and match the services to the needs of the family.”

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