Locations Foundation volunteers refresh Ka Pa Ola!

Locations Foundation teamed up with Child & Family Service (CFS) to refresh its Ka Pa Ola facility, a residential home for troubled adolescent girls with mental health, emotional and behavioral issues. The team pitched in to help with gardening, cleaning, and painting the living room and bedrooms in soft, warm colors. The Locations Foundation also donated $10,0000 to purchase new beds, bedding, room furnishings and other household items, as well as materials for program activities.

Support from the Foundation enabled CFS to create a place that is welcoming and nurturing, allowing the teenage girls to feel more at ease and heal from trauma they have experienced. The Ka Pa Ola Program philosophy is to help these young ladies to identify and develop their own strengths and resources so they have a better opportunity to make a successful transition into adulthood. A therapeutic, family-centered environment is also beneficial for their families who may also seek counseling through the program.

Mahalo Locations Foundations for strengthening Hawai‘i Families!

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